Which garden mulcher is best?

Wood chippers are the largest category, for items such as large branches (more than 2 inches in diameter). They are generally powered by gas and some are sold as commercial units. To cover all the bases, all 3 are discussed in more detail below. However, to work best, the blades must be kept sharp.

Even if you don't end up hitting some rocks or metal pieces, you'll need to sharpen the blades every 20 hours or so. 12 amp motor creates 250 mph wind and has two operating speeds. With this unit, you can grind up to 16 bags of leaves and turn them into a single bag of mulch that you can put in your garden or in your compost pile. WORX 13 Amp WG430 Electric Leaf Shredder The 13-amp electric motor is powerful enough to chew up to 53 gallons of leaves per minute and pour them directly into your collection bag or into a tidy pile that you can use to cover your garden.

Eco-Shredder ES1600 Landworks 7 HP 208cc 14 Amp Electric Shredder Super Heavy Duty Petrol Wood Shredder This Landworks product is ideal for its power and versatility, and will suit the needs of homeowners and gardeners alike. 3-in-1 design makes work easy: there is a large top feed, a 3-inch side channel and a vacuum inlet. Landworks 208 cc 7 hp engine has stellar performance, quick start and smooth operation, and runs approximately 3 hours in a tank (0.7 gallons). BRUSH MASTER CH3M15 270cc Shredder 3″ Diameter Troy-Bilt CSV60 159cc Shredder.

T3 has the support of its audience. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. We explain why you can trust us. The Cobra QS2500 is our favorite garden shredder for its performance, low noise and price.

Similar both in design and function to the popular Bosch AXT 25 TC, this drum shredder impresses in several ways, but above all because of its price. This writer has used the Cobra QS2500 on several occasions and has excelled every time. On at least two occasions, I fed him about 25 branches of beech with full foliage, one after the other, and he kept beating. This model accepts branches up to 4 cm in diameter, although, in essence, it will swallow anything that can fit through the top-mounted portal.

Just make sure to cut off any bumps and stems beforehand. Being of the drum variety, the Cobra has exceptionally quiet operation; in fact, it makes less noise than a cordless lawnmower. Its drum simply moves continuously, throwing the remains of shrubs and trees into its spacious 50-liter collection box. Like a massive chewing juicer, this quiet 2,500 watt electric turbine model uses a blade drum that rotates relatively slowly under massive torque, trapping, crushing and cutting branches up to 45 mm in diameter against a solid plate.

With Bosch in mind, this heavyweight model comes prefabricated with the wheels already assembled, so all you have to do is hook up the upper hopper, make sure the 53 liter collection box is properly fitted, turn it on and shred it. The top of the ramp has a slightly wider access than others in this overview, and that makes it easier to fill branches of a more difficult to handle nature, while the included manipulation helps catch mutinous vegetation. If you have a mixture of wood and leaves in your garden, this Bosch shredder is an excellent choice. It justifies its price a little higher by being extremely effective, easy to use and quiet enough not to disturb neighbors.

To see how this shredder performs compared to a top rival product, take a look at our comparison function Bosch AXT 25 TC vs Einhell GH-KS 2440 (opens in a new tab). You won't get similar build quality to Bosch at this price, but what you'll get is an extremely efficient multi-talent impact crusher that mulches both woody and leafy material three times. Just make sure to keep the branches of the trees below the maximum diameter of 45 mm and cut off any strange branches or they won't pass through the trough portal. The 2,500-watt Einhell uses a pair of quick-turning blades to cut through vegetation, but larger pieces of hardwood and too many blades are likely to block the ramp, meaning it's all about reaching for the included tamper.

It's a pretty scary machine, as it literally cuts branches in a violent and extremely loud way. Fortunately, a motor circuit breaker switch is cut off to protect it from overload. The Einhell performed surprisingly well when fed with a bunch of long, thick rose branches, cutting the whole lot into small 5mm pieces with only the occasional hiccup. Although it is equipped with a discharge funnel, you will need to place a sheet of tarpaulin or a large plastic mat under the ramp to catch all the clippings.

If you only do occasional pruning and don't need the brute force of a Bosch or Cobra, then this is a good starting point at an economical price. If you can't afford the Cobra QS2500 or Bosch AXT 25 TC, give this cheaper but equally useful alternative a try. It's much more mobile to start with, although you'll need a box, tarp or a garden rug underneath to pick up the ejected debris. The Rapid 2200 uses strong laser-cut blades to cut vegetation (preferably the hardest and driest variety) three times.

It will happily swallow branches up to 40mm in diameter, although you may need to cut some stems to feed those branches of a more clumsy persuasion into the hopper. This model offers great shredding power and a large 55-liter collection bin. With 3000 watts of cutting power, the 3000W Ryobi RSH3045U has enough power to cut through all but the largest garden debris, with two reversible hardened steel blades designed to shred branches, brambles and shrubs into fine mulch. For leaves, twigs and palm leaves, press the switch on the front and put some greenery in the large opening.

The blades rotate at high speed, tearing everything to shreds. Similarly, when it comes to the hardest things, turn the knob to the branch position, insert anything up to 35 mm in diameter, and a pile of small wood shavings comes out ready for the compost heap, edges or green trash can. The Stihl GHE 355 is an extremely efficient shredder-chipper, but it costs a lot of wonga and, at 1.41 meters, is extremely tall. But, hey, it's a Stihl, so you can wait for it to fall apart until the cows get home.

This “dirty” garden shredder may or may not be “professional”, but it is equipped with a powerful 2,500 watt motor that should be able to shred most things less than a lever. Users stand in line to applaud the way this cheap and thick straw chewer swallows branches up to 40 cm in diameter and then farts them in a large 50 liter box like small wood shavings. At this price, you're not going to get the best quality components and of course a common complaint online with this shredder is that its blades get dull quickly. On the other hand (which thankfully I still have), getting something that shreds as well as this for a shadow of less than £100 is a pretty rare pleasure.

However, it was much better to deal with a pair of 30mm hardwood branches once I cut some twisted twigs to pass the branch through the small opening in the hopper. It was also quite quiet, which seemed to please the neighbors. Just make sure you're fit enough and have a decent sized latrine or shed to store it because, despite having wheels, the machine weighs 103 kg and the feed hopper is about head height. In addition, it spits everything directly on the ground, so the best thing to do is use a tarp to pick up all the shavings or you will make a good mess on the lawn.

The downside to all this is that the Titan is huge, heavy, ugly and noisy, and it uses a 15-hp four-stroke engine with an electric start that will sometimes require a little affection. If you can handle the noise, this beaver from the shredding community is right in your garden path. Most models here can't stand anything thicker than 45 mm in diameter, so you can forget about tucking in a tree trunk. You'll also need to cut stiff twigs and large, chubby chunks or the branch just won't go through the opening slot of the hopper.

Think carefully if you really need a shredder in the first place and if you have space. Many people will likely only use it a couple of times a year and the rest of the time they will need a covered place to store it. T3 is part of Future US Inc, an international media group and a leading digital publisher. Leaf shredder capacity refers to the amount of air the machine moves in cubic feet per minute (cfm).

Most corded and cordless leaf shredders range from 175 to 500 cfm, with the larger capacity models designed for heavy-duty blade clearing. Gas leaf shredders, which are more powerful, tend to have larger capacities, in the 450 to 700 cfm range. This standalone model almost made the cut as our overall best choice, as in terms of performance it is a viable option. The problem was that the configuration turned out to be much less user-friendly.

The plastic hopper arrived in two halves that required assembly, aligning the tabs and installing four screws. The assembly of the two halves of the metal bracket requires two screws, two brackets and two wing nuts. While this wasn't difficult, these engineering decisions made the process more clumsy and complicated than it needed to be. In action, we liked the lower working height, but we found it necessary to use garbage bags instead of paper bags for grass and leaves for collection because the base is very close to the ground.

Patriot Products' CSV-2515 tops our list of the best chipper shredders because it's an incredible electrical unit. Can tackle branches almost as large in diameter as gas chipper shredders. It's light for the power it contains, weighing 95 pounds. The large top-loading hopper allows you to unload tons of leaves and food scraps, and the side-loading branch chute makes it easy to get long branches into the unit.

You'll need a heavy-duty extension cord that's less than 30 meters long to avoid a voltage drop with this bad boy. Make sure you have a reliable power supply. If you're expecting an electric wood chipper, Sun Joe has one that will work for you. This model handles dry branches and twigs up to 1.73″ inches in diameter.

You can choke a little with lots of green leaves, so alternate between wood and fresher green leaves. For dry leaves, it works admirably. Place a collection bag at its base or place it where you want the mulch to fall. Another model that can handle branches up to 3 inches, this chipper shredder is a tough competitor.

It's a no-frills gas model that many consider to be the best chipper for their money. Four shredder hammers will remove wood chips from your garden waste in no time. Its 13″ shredder blade turns leaves into mulch easily. Another of the garden shredders that we like, this is the last of our options for the best electric models.

While it only handles branches and twigs 1.75″ in diameter or smaller, this electric shredder works well with them. Leaves turn into mulch quickly and easily with this residential device. Don't forget, you need a power supply. EFCUT C30 wood chipper shredder has a length of 15.6 inches.

While electric chippers aren't as powerful as gas shredders, they still have their place in your tool shed. Most electric shredders range from 1 to 2 horsepower and can process looser debris such as leaves, sticks, food scraps and light shrubs. Some of the larger and more expensive models can also handle tree branches. Petrol shredders are the standard choice for most gardeners.

They start at around four horsepower and can go up to ten horsepower, so they have a big impact and can deal with some complicated yard debris. Their minimum weight reaches approximately the maximum weight of electric shredders, at 100 lb, and can go up to 200 lb for larger models. In terms of power, they usually range between 5 and 10 hp and come with some interesting features, such as a removable vacuum tube for the most difficult to reach areas. Some models also have a side-loading bypass channel, so you can use it just like you would with a standalone gasoline chipper shredder.

By Jack Woodfield Published 22 March 22, The best garden shredders do the hard work for you by easily removing debris from your garden. Having one of the best garden shredders is essential if you are in front of a pile of twigs, branches and leafy materials. When the other options are to spend the day cutting them manually to fit in your green trash bin, or driving to the local tip, it's obvious to invest in a shredder that will do the hard work for you. Here's our guide to the best garden shredders available now.

It's also incredibly quiet, which your neighbors will thank you, and you can remove 230 kg of waste per hour. Plus, once you've removed the hopper, it's only 67cm tall, making it easy to store. That's what you get with the Cobra QS2500, which is one of the quietest machines on the market, which uses a drum cutting system that makes shredding quieter without affecting cutting efficiency. It also comes with an impressive 10 meter long power cord, and the large wheels ensure easy use when moving it around the garden.

Bosch's second entry on this list is cheaper than the AXT 25 TC, and while it lacks some of the modern conveniences, it makes up for it with laser-cut precision blades for cutting vegetation. It will happily swallow branches up to 40mm wide and can effectively cut wood and green debris. This is a really powerful shredder that has a 2,800 W motor to cut waste in your garden. And combined with a massive 60L collection box, this is a great shredder if you want to fly infrequently through a lot of debris.

Shreds branches up to 42 mm in diameter and comes with overload protection and reverse function to help eliminate jams. It is also very quiet, comes with a plunger and its wheels are robust for easy maneuverability. The only downside is that it is not 100% consistent with shredding smaller materials. The Ryobi RSH3045U is a powerful 3000W impact crusher with impressive features.

Sun Joe has a strong reputation for producing some of the best and most affordable garden tools and appliances. This shredder is an excellent example of this company's offer. You get a powerful 15A motor that shreds leaves and twigs up to 1.7 inches in diameter. However, it is the fine mulch created by the Ducar garden shredder that makes it the best wood chipper in the review here, suitable for compost and direct mulch and everything in between.

The Ducar wood chipper and chipper is ideal for everyday use in the garden, and remains within a good price range for serious gardeners, with all the tricks and features of professional wood chippers and the power of a gasoline engine. You should be aware of this factor, as you will need to carry the leaf shredder from one place to another around the yard. This little beauty from Troy-Bilt, a world leader in outdoor equipment manufacturers, shreds your leaves into fine mulch that can be used directly in the garden or in your compost pile. However, some of you might be looking for a gas leaf shredder that you can consider the Great Circle USA.

He chopped and shredded everything into small pieces and deposited them in the box below, ready to be easily disposed of in the garden bin or compost heap; some shredders will even spread the nutrient remains on the flower beds. This Landworks product is ideal for its power and versatility, and will adapt to the needs of homeowners and gardeners alike. Choosing the best garden shredder involves a lot more than just going to the store and buying one. The motor of this leaf shredder is used to drive 4 Y hammers and 2 steel chipping blades that work quite well.

They are more versatile for shredding small branches as well as leaves and twigs, however, they don't fall apart easily, which means they can take up more space than a stand-alone shredder. If you only plan to mulch a small garden or composter from time to time, a small electric shredder should work well. Each shredder had to run the gamut of large and small, dry and wet leaves, along with any small twigs, pinecones and acorns that found their way into the mix. The ratio is determined by the capacity of how small the shredder can break the leaves into small debris.

Gas leaf vacuum grinders are perfect for professionals and lawn maintenance services, as they are able to operate efficiently even in large areas. The reusable collection bag is machine washable and has a rake function on the front of the collection port to prevent the shredder from absorbing twigs. . .

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