What is the biggest forestry mulcher?

The biggest safety concern with shredders is flying objects thrown from the head. Most mulching occurs at ground level, so the likelihood of picking up rocks or other debris is high. Most shredders have covers that direct material toward the ground. However, when the quilting head is lifted into the air, the cover may become ineffective.

It is important that a suitable FOPS be mounted on the conveyor to protect the operator from flying debris. Refer to the chassis configuration section for a more detailed discussion of the cab's safety features. Therefore, the number of alternative methods is respectively large. However, in most cases, parallels can be identified.

For example, manual work is often the alternative to our products. Dozers, excavators and burners are often used for demining work. With a design created with the goal of being one of the largest forestry grinders in the world, the machine looks very similar to that of the creator of Thunderbirds, Gerry Anderson.

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