How big of a skid steer do you need for a forestry mulcher?

The unit requires a skid steer with a rating of at least 90 hp and a high-flow hydraulic system with a flow rate of 37 gpm and a pressure rating of 3,500 psi, says Carera. Often, when it comes to this type of equipment, size equals productivity. It tends to be the larger shredders that are the most powerful units, since they can accumulate more horsepower “under the hood”. However, it is also possible to have power in a compact size.

In general terms, we suggest that you make sure you have at least one 60-horsepower skid steer loader for your shredder. Many manufacturers offer the best of both worlds when it comes to shredder accessories, allowing for easy integration and performance with smaller skid steer loaders. It is this type of versatile equipment that allows those working in the forestry or landscape industries to remain versatile while equipping their skid steer loaders with the right equipment to do the job well, while taking productivity to new levels. You can read more about the best shredder for a skid steer loader here.

This shredder offers a substantial number of options in addition to its best features. I prefer the DAF-180D to most other designs made by Denis Cimaf, With its 74″ cutting width compared to a 180D, the 180D has a wider opening, a minimum hydraulic flow of 30 GPM would be needed at full capacities to operate the DAF-180D. The DAF-180D is by far the most popular and best-selling of Denis Cimaf's front-mounted forestry grinders. The 180D has a larger cutting width compared to the 150D at 74.85 HP machine power and 30 GPM minimum hydraulic flow are required to operate the DAF-180D at full capabilities.

The optimal target material diameter for the 180D is 8. The video below shows this wide-ranging model mounted on a Caterpillar 299D2 XHP, which cleans trees, vegetation and any other type of material in residential land and lot clearing service. Right from the start, every Denis Cimaf skid steer loader shredder ships as standard with a spare blade set, a set of maintenance tools and accessories, and a motorized knife sharpener. Denis Cimaf specialist technicians are also available to customers, upon request, to supervise the installation of accessories and make the necessary technical adjustments to ensure optimal operation.

Every Denis Cimaf skid steer loader is loaded with an industrial-grade rotor, the most important component of the entire implement. Denis Cimaf rotor design results in a lighter part than found in comparable accessories. This light weight allows the Denis Cimaf rotor to increase and improve quilt speed and rotation, leading to a faster and more efficient quilting tool that doesn't compromise on quality. You're going to test your skid steer shredder, and Denis Cimaf knows it.

Designed for heavy duty applications and high speeds, it's no surprise that the attachment has wear parts to look out for. Denis Cimaf has considered this and includes a replaceable wear liner and protective plates with each unit. The replaceable wear liner limits wear on the attachment housing, especially on the inside of the crusher where the rotor is housed. It can be easily removed and replaced with a simple set of screws and you can find this part at Denis Cimaf or Skid Steer Solutions.

Some quilting heads have adjustable slide shoes for height control, which can even be configured to shred below ground level. This skid steer attachment comes with a high torque piston motor, a premium spindle and a clear cutting disc. Correctly matching a skid steer loader to its padding attachment is critical to maximizing performance and profits. Keeping it up and running and in business is a top priority for Skid Steer Solutions, and we are particularly encouraged by Denis Cimaf's commitment to this aspect of the implement business.

The Denis Cimaf brushcutter motor on all DAF models of front-mounted skid steer loaders consists of a powerful and reliable hydraulic motor with axial piston and variable cylinder. An investment in a Denis Cimaf Skid Steer forestry shredder is an investment in quality and reliability. The robust drive belt of the shredder attachment is notched and transmits all engine power to the rotor without the risk of skidding or skidding. Very similar to the 180D in many ways, the 180E stands out for its larger rotor diameter, capable of an optimal target material of 10, the highest cushioning capacity of any model available from Skid Steer Solutions.

A quality brand with a wide range of skid steer loaders to choose from, you can choose the one that suits your needs and the accessories you intend to equip it with. . .

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