How to get forestry mulching contracts?

Forest Mulching Offers, RFP & Government Contracts. Also look for forest mulching contract awards, information requests, budget requests and business opportunities. A forestry tractor has an operator on a machine that covers vegetation and usually has less support equipment than traditional methods. Stumps, woody debris and vegetation shall be shredded, chipped, or mulched to a height not exceeding 1 m below ground level.

The work shall consist of providing all labor, equipment, transportation, communications, materials and supplies, except as otherwise provided herein, to successfully perform succession control, discus, fertilization, liming, planting, crop packaging, disposal of crops vegetation and debris, pesticide application, cultivation operations, pumping and siphon, seedling, planting of B&B and RPM trees, forest mulching services, habitat restoration, soil sampling. Some of these contingency plans require having additional machine parts on hand, in particular wear elements such as tips for a shredder head when using a forestry grinder, as a way to potentially reduce project delays. This project involves mulching, invasive weeds and other undesirable vegetation in pine stands that are scheduled for marked thinning. The estimated total area of areas to be mulched will include 8 wide areas along both sides of Old River roads (approximately 10 miles), as indicated on the attached map and within logging covers, as indicated on the attached map.

If the material is not mulched and left along the right of way, Bradley recommends that contractors look for a market for it. The contractor shall be required to use a tracked forestry shredder and shredder head with hydraulic capabilities to grind (down to the ground) trees and shrubs from a size of 1 to 12 potentially in diameter at chest height (DBH), including species that will include, but are not limited to, sweet gum, tallow, elm, willow, pine, oak, and maple. And Natural Resources (DCNR), Office of Forestry, Michaux State Forest requires the services of a contractor for forest mulching on 475 state-owned acres located along Ridge Road in Michaux State Forest, Southampton Township, Cumberland County.

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