What size bobcat do you need for forestry mulcher?

Similar, Bobcat says, to the 50-inch and 60-inch models, the 70-inch logging attachment is easy to operate and efficiently converts trees and weeds into mulch. When the attachment is tilted forward, the material is thrown against the counter-combs that reduce the wood to fine mulch. Are you looking to rent a skid steer loader smaller than the skid steer loader? Do you need to use a shredder? ? By size, larger machines, such as shredders, qualify. However, in the end, power is determined by the skid steer loader model and 60 would be a good start.

Often, when it comes to this type of equipment, size equals productivity. It tends to be the larger shredders that are the most powerful units, since they can accumulate more horsepower “under the hood”. However, it is also possible to have power in a compact size. In general terms, we suggest that you make sure you have at least one 60-horsepower skid steer loader for your shredder.

Many manufacturers offer the best of both worlds when it comes to shredder accessories, allowing for easy integration and performance with smaller skid steer loaders. It is this type of versatile equipment that allows those working in the forestry or landscape industries to remain versatile while equipping their skid steer loaders with the right equipment to do the job well, while taking productivity to new levels. You can read more about the best shredder for a skid steer loader here. By offering features including torsion suspension, powerful hydraulics and joystick control, Bobcat R Series loaders can achieve more than other makes and models.

However, it goes without saying that some skid steer loader brands are above the rest, and there hasn't been a more synonymous name for skid steer loaders in recent decades than Bobcat. Not only do many shredders have the power to cut down trees and shrubs of any shape or size, but they are also designed and built to grind the stump. Backed by the reliability and quality of the Bobcat brand, you can't go wrong with the versatile S650 for your quilting (and other) needs.

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